How To Make A Tattoo Heal Faster: An Essential Guide

It is a common concern among inked individuals to worry about the tattoo’s healing process. A tattoo lover or beginner, who thinks about getting a new tattoo, always thinks about if there are any methods available to heal their tattoo in the fastest way. There are lots of ways to heal faster and every professional that has their way, but I offer you some workable and fastest ways to heal tattoos faster. Just follow it properly here as I mentioned some amazing tips that can help you heal your new fresh ink tattoo. This article explores the complications of tattoo healing, discusses common mistakes to avoid and recommends natural remedies, as well as factors that influence healing time.

Understanding The Basics Of A Tattoo Heal Faster Process

What Happens During Tattooing

When the tattoo process begins, the artist uses the tattoo machine needle to inject the ink into the skin layer. During this needle injecting process, it makes thousands of small punctures in the skin, which will be the reason of the inflammation and wounds. It triggers a natural healing response of the body.

Initial Healing Stage

Once the tattooing process is complete, then instantly the healing process begins. After getting it, your skin may be swollen, bleeding during tattoo sessions, red, and sensitive to the touch. But it is common and don’t worry about it. The human body starts its work to repair the damaged tissue. It creates a layer of blood and plasma to protect the tattoo from infection.

Secondary Healing Stage

After continuing through the initial healing stage, you will then feel the tattooed area scab and itch. You know that human skin continues to regenerate, and the tattoo slowly and slowly settles into the skin and is permanent. To stop disrupting the healing process, you should resist picking or scratching the tattoo. Because it slows down the healing process and damages your skin and tattoos.

After reading this, now that you understand the basics of the healing process, I will provide you with some amazing tips that can help your tattoo heal faster.

Tips for Faster Tattoo Healing

Encourage a faster healing process and make sure that to get the perfect results for your tattoo. You need to perfectly follow all of these tips to get 100% best results.

Follow Proper Aftercare Instructions

If any wounds or illnesses happen to the body, the main procedure is to follow expert tips to recover it. You can do the same thing in the tattoo healing process if you want to heal your tattoo faster. You need to listen carefully to the proper aftercare guidelines of your artist. This is normally based on the various steps that I mentioned here like protecting your tattoo from sunlight, not swimming too much, not pulling weight and not doing hard exercise and other things.

Keep the Tattoo Clean and Moisturized

Once you get a tattoo then you need to keep your tattoo clean and moisturizer it is important for healing. You softly wash the tattoo with fragrance-free mild soap and water. Then apply it as a thin layer of tattoo-specific ointment or moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

Avoid Certain Activities

During the tattoo healing process, you need to avoid those types of activities that cause irritation or damage to the tattoo or your skin. You cannot do this when starting the healing process: one is swimming, sweating too much, exercising, or wearing tight clothing. You also get a tattoo on your tanned skin.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet is a good way to keep your skin fresh and heal your tattoos faster. Because smoking and alcohol are very bad for tattoos. During the session and healing process, you cannot take it. To improve the natural healing of your body ability, consume a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep.

Important Warning Signs

When the healing process begins and if you notice any type of problem. Then immediately meet with a doctor or artist and share your problem. I mentioned some serious concerns that were included.

  • Feel a lot of pain.
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Yellow, green or brown, pus
  • The tattooed area has red streaks
  • Major Swelling

Tattoo Coverings

A cover will be applied to your new tattoo before you leave the shop. A surgical dressing pad, plastic wrap, or non-stick pressure dressing are some of the most commonly used coverings. While it may be tempting to remove the dressing right away, you should wait two hours before doing so. An open wound can become infected, so be aware that your tattoo is an open wound. It can cause permanent damage if it’s infected.

Blood Plasma Leaks From The Skin

In addition to blood plasma leaking from the skin, you will also notice a clear liquid. In the course of healing, there will be some seepage. You will feel the experience of much crying from the skin if you have a big-scale tattoo on your body. Because of this, ensure that you clean any kind of plasma that starts to dry in your tattooed area or any sin area. This will be the reason for scabs, scarring on the skin, ink loss, and discolouration.

I recommend you reduce the risk by keeping the dressing on for a long time during the first day as possible. It should stay at least 8 hours a day. Also, if the bandage is left on your skin, then it is good for your clothes or bed sheets because it saves you from tattoo ink. When the weeping has stopped, after that the chances are fewer scabs on your skin.

Removing the Covering

Removing the cover of the tattoo is not a good option. You feel good for a short time but need to leave it as it is for some hours. Once you remove it from your tattoo, then you need to wash your tattooed skin with fragrance and chemical-free soap and water. Once you have done this, then ensure to apply a thin layer of chemical-free ointment. You can repeat this method for a few weeks to help encourage healing.

How to Promote Healing with Natural Remedies

If you’re interested in following homemade natural remides, then follow this for faster healing. All of these tips are helpful and do not harm your tattoos and skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

The tattooed area can be soothed and regenerated with aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel helps reduce inflammation and encourages cellular regeneration.

Coconut Oil

Keeping tattooed skin hydrated and protected can be achieved with coconut oil because of its moisturizing and antimicrobial properties.

The Tattoo Healing Process

As I mentioned above normally tattoos’ healing process is based on two phases. Every phase needs at least one week to heal completely. In the first phase of healing, you always need to clean the area with hot water and fragrance-free soap during at the initial healing stage. Tattoos are not for scrubbing and can’t be done ever during the healing stage. With a paper towel, pat dry the skin after rinsing it with cool water. You can use a thick layer of moisturizer when it is dry. You must try to hydrate your skin during the 1st week.

Once one week is complete, then you will feel that the tattoo has begun to peel. Be careful not to pull the skin, but ensure that you apply moisturizer every day. A two-week healing period is recommended after you have inked your skin. When you get your tattoo, then you need to save yourself from specific conditions with your new fresh ink. Don’t take showers and baths in the first week, use a swimming pool but do not swim or sit in a hot tub. I don’t recommend you use hot water on the skin to avoid it. Also, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and do not pick on your tattoo.

How to care for your tattoo after it has healed

Taking care of yourself when it comes to sun exposure and UV rays is important. I recommend you wear full clothes that cover your tattoo for the first two weeks. It is important to save your inked skin from the sun. Once it’s completely repaired, ensure you’re wearing sunscreen.

UV rays can negatively impact your tattooed skin and damage your skin. These UV rays change the colour of your tattoo when the pigment absorbs those rays. It’s a mixed situation when black will look blue with age, while light colours fade first. If you want to enjoy your ink for the rest of your life, you need to take steps to protect it.


This is the conclusion of this article. I hope you now understand the importance of tattoo healing. Proper aftercare for your tattoo is necessary for faster tattoo healing and ensures the longevity of your tattoo. I have mentioned almost all the important steps that are needed for faster healing. You need to follow these tips and not avoid any tips. Because it is important for your tattoo’s health. Share your thoughts with us after applying and joining our tattoorecover community.