What Are The Stages Of A Healing Tattoo? In 2024

In the starting days after getting the tattoo, your skin it will be sensitive and close to bleeding. I will offer you great tips and tricks that can help you heal your tattoo and sustain its outstanding appearance for a long time. You try to keep your tattooed skin dry and clean to stop infection. Let’s explore the Stages Of A Healing Tattoo together.

Stage 1: Initial Healing (Days 1-5)

In the starting days after getting the tattoo, your skin will be sensitive and close to bleeding. You know it is an open wound and it needs proper tattoo aftercare to heal faster. You try to keep your tattooed skin dry and clean to stop infection. Let’s explore more things together. Don’t try to touch the tattoo because it is not good for fresh-inked tattoos.

If you feel swelling and reddish skin, don’t worry about it because it’s normal. You can also apply an ointment thin layer that is suggested by the artist to keep your tattoo moisturized. In any case, if you feel you need to wash your tattoo then use chemicals and fragrance-free soap. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes with fresh tattoos.

What to expect

  • You feel redness and swelling around the tattooed skin area.
  • Minor bleeding and oozing of ink and plasma.
  • Sensitivity to touch and slight pain.

Care tips

  • Also, dry the tattoo with a clean towel, and wash the tattoo softly with chemical-free soap and water.
  • You will protect your tattoos from direct sunlight, swimming pools, or hot tubs.
  • Keep your tattooed skin moisturized by applying an ointment thin layer 2-3 times a day.

Stage 2: First Days Of Healing (Days 6-14)

There may be some scabbing and peeling of the tattooed skin during the initial healing phase.it’s If you are a newbie then its your first time and you feel worried but don’t worry because it is part of the natural healing process. So you can resist against the scabs and not scratch them. Because it is bad for your tattoo. As I mentioned above, constantly moisturize your tattoo to stop too much dryness and itching.

Signs of healing

  • Scrubbing and peeling of tattooed skin
  • Itching and slight discomfort
  • Clear or slightly yellowish fluid discharge

Common issues

  • Allergic reactions to ointments or lotions
  • Infections due to improper care
  • Fading or loss of color in the tattoo

Stage 3: Intermediate Healing (Days 15-30)

In this stage of healing, the look of the tattoo should be less shiny and more faded as the skin continues to heal. There may be some areas in which the ink appears faded or blurred. But this is common and will improve over time. It is important to keep the tattoo moisturized regularly and to avoid exposing it to harmful chemicals or abrasive clothes.

Tattoo Appearance Changes

  • The matte appearance of tattooed skin
  • Fading and patchiness in some areas
  • Smooth texture as the skin regenerates

Constant Care

  • Switch to a fragrance-free lotion to moisturize the tattoo.
  • It is best not to pick or scratch at the tattoo, since this can cause scarring.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing or apply sunscreen directly to the tattoo to stop it from getting damaged.

Stage 4: Final Healing (Days 31-60)

When your tattoo healing process ends at the end of the second month. Then your tattoo should be completely healed and look outstanding if you follow everything properly. When it’s healed fully, you will feel the colour of the tattoo appear vibrant, and the skin is very smooth when you touch it. It is vital to moisturize the tattoo constantly and regularly to sustain the appearance of the tattoo and stop it from fading over time.

Complete the healing process

  • Vibrant colors and the smooth texture of tattooed skin
  • Absence of scabs or peeling
  • Minimal itching or discomfort

Post-care maintenance

  • Moisturize the tattoo daily with a soft lotion or balm.
  • You need to protect tattoos from sunlight and too much exposure of sunlight or tanning beds to stop fading.
  • I suggest that you schedule touch-up appointments with your artist as needed to maintain the shine of the design.

Three To Six Months

After three months, your tattoo will completely heal, including all layers of skin. After three months, your tattooed area skin should not feel itchy. You must note that. The look of your tattoo must be bright, outstanding and vibrant. You cannot apply regular moisturizer to your tattoo after 3 months but you must wear sunscreen when doing outdoor activities. The sun should not be too much of an issue, but you should wear loose clothing and limited sun exposure. Swims and long baths will not be affected by water, so you can resume taking them.

How Can Extend Tattoo Healing Time?

Many factors can influence these healing stages. Depending on the ink colour, the healing process will be affected. There is nothing quite as beautiful as those colourful tattoos, but they take a long time to heal. An important factor that contributes to a longer healing time is the method by which the ink is applied. Filling the skin with colour requires that the needle travels over every inch.

It is normal for this process to happen without obstacles. In addition to increased work, increased activity can irritate the skin, further causing trauma to the skin. You know colored tattoos will cause more scabbing, and thus need more time to heal. The coloured tattoo takes between four and six weeks to heal, while most tattoos take two to three weeks.

Black and Grey Tattoo Heal Faster

For your information, grey and black tattoos are known to heal faster. In this tattoo, the artist will likely apply the ink with a less intense technique. It is not likely to cause much irritation to the skin if the tattoo features blank space or light shading. These kinds of tattoos normally take 3 weeks to completely heal with aftercare. If you’re getting tattoos on sensitive parts of your body, it takes more time to heal.

Especially if you get it on your collarbone, Inner Elbow Tattoo and finger tattoos or any other sensitive spot. The skin is more severely damaged, causing prolonged inflammation and redness. During the healing process, the skin might become itchy. There can be a six-week healing period for tattoos in sensitive areas, but some cases require some months for the healing process to be completed.


For everyone to get a new tattoo, it’s an outstanding moment that excites tattoo lovers. If you want to show your tattoo to your family and friends, you need time to heal properly. But you need patience to heal it perfectly and follow strict aftercare instructions. You know it’s permanent and you want it to stay on your body for many years. But you need to understand the Stages Of A Healing Tattoo that we discussed properly. During the process you must eat healthy food and drink a lot of water, it makes your skin fresh. To get the best tattoo information, follow the tattoorecover.com website