Ten Things Not To Do When Healing Tattoos

In my view tattoos are not only art, they are an investment in personal style and self-expression. If you think the process of getting ends once the in is dry then you are wrong. If you need proper healing, it is important to make sure you have the longevity and vibrancy of your new tattoo.

You must listen to your artist’s advice and follow it properly to get a healed tattoo faster. If it’s your first one, it’s important for you. From my point of view, there are plenty of aftercare instructions that you can follow. Because it is necessary to know what you cannot do during the recovery process. I am here to discuss with you ten tips and things that you should avoid to encourage better healing and protect the goodness of your tattoo.

1. Don’t Follow the Aftercare Instructions

One of the very biggest and most serious mistakes people make when healing tattoos is ignoring the aftercare instructions of their artist. If you are a newbie or professional you must follow it to get perfect results from tattoos based on the tattoo. These aftercare instructions are based on your certain tattoos and help stop infections, tattoos fading, and other complexities. So I recommend you follow the proper aftercare guide if you have a finger tattoo, sleeve tattoo, inner elbow or collarbone tattoo.

2. Touching the Tattoo with Dirty Hands

The skin where you get a tattoo knows it’s a sensitive spot if you want to keep it healthy. Then you need to clean the skin and not touch it with a dirty hand. In your hand, there are a lot of bacteria and germs that you cannot see with your eyes. There is a risk when touching healing tattoos. You can avoid touching your tattoo with dirty hands to stop infections that can slow the healing process.

3. Too Much Moisturizing

When you get a tattoo and the healing process starts, you need to moisturize your tattoo properly which will help you heal it faster. But you need to do it within the limit. If you are overdoing the moisturization, it can hurt your tattoo. When you apply too much moisturizer, it can suffocate the tattoo, which will be the cause of too much scabbing and slower healing times.

4. Picking or Scratching

You will feel an itch on your new ink tattoo. An important step for you is to not scratch your tattoo skin with your finger. It is a sign of tattoo healing when scabs develop on the skin. It is normal for all of them. The tattoo should never be picked at, even if you are tempted to scratch it. If you do this, you can harm your skin and the appearance of tattoos.

The ink may fade in some cases. Under your fingernails, you’ll also find bacteria. The germs that enter the open wound when you scratch the skin can cause an infection. Healing takes a long time when you get an infection since inflamed skin must be treated. Picking at freshly inked areas might seem innocuous, but picking at them can have consequences.

5. Uncover the Tattoo of Sunlight

For the new ink tattoo, the sun is not good because it’s harmful to the fresh ink. When the light of the sun is directed at the top of the tattoo it will be the cause of fading discoloration and even blistering. If you have any work or are doing any activities outdoors then I suggest you cover it with loose clothes and protect your tattoo from harmful UV rays. Before going outside and using quality sunscreen you need to discuss it with your artist and it will help you find the best tattoo lotion for fresh ink.

6. Soaking The Tattoo

If you want to heal it properly and faster, then avoid soaking your tattoo in too much water. Don’t use too much water because it is not good for new tattoos. Long use of water can maximize the risk of skin infection and soften scabs. If you are a newbie then you must follow it.

7. Wearing Tight Clothing

Clothes play an important role in healing tattoos faster. The tight clothes can rub against the healing tattoos. Which will irritate and slow down the tattoo healing process. You need to make sure your tattoo can breathe and heal properly by wearing loose, breathable clothing.

8. Go To The Pools or Baths

You need to ensure that you stay far away from standing from the water, to heal your tattoo. The hot tubs and pools are full of bacteria and germs that will cause fresh tattoos because it is an open wound. When you spend time in these waters, germs enter your skin. Which will cause an infection in your tattooed skin. Also, you can avoid scrubbing water and use mild soap.

9. Apply Too Much Cream And Perfume

When you feel your skin is sensitive, the thing that you want to do is apply too much layer of lotion to the tattoo. Your tattoo needs fresh air if you want to heal the tattoo faster and perfectly. Also, don’t apply Vaseline to new inked tattoos. The moisture in the skin can be trapped by perfume creams and lotions. An infection may happen as a result of this, which can slow the healing process.  

10. Do Not Allow Your Skin To Calm Down

When you get a tattoo you need to relax. Because tattoos will always live with you for a lifetime. I recommend that you don’t rush through the healing process. According to the location of the tattoo, some tattoos will take longer to heal. You can be worried about the healing process ending. But it takes almost more than a month to completely heal. It’s still important to give your skin tender loving care.

Neglecting Health Conditions

In the case of underlying health conditions such as diabetes or a weakened immune system, tattoo healing should be done with extra care. To ensure that your health is being monitored and advised appropriately, contact your healthcare provider.  


Here are my final words on ten common mistakes when healing tattoos. If you want to heal your tattoo perfectly and maintain its shine and vibrancy for years to come, you can avoid these ten tattoo healing mistakes. I mentioned the most important instructions that you must follow if you want proper healing. After your tattoo has healed, it is important that you follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions carefully and take precautions to ensure cleanliness and safety.

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