What You Need to Know About Collarbone Tattoos

Tattoos are an ever-evolving world with different famous trends. Choose an attractive and trendy tattoo for you. Don’t go with commonly known tattoo spots such as legs, arms, hands, and back. You have another unique option. There are a variety of designs for collarbone tattoos, so you can choose whichever design you like best. The placement of the tattoo can be fine, edgy, pretty, and beautiful. As a symbol of self-expression, these collarbone tattoos are delicate and well-designed. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tattoo lover. but there are some exciting things you need to understand about tattoos before getting them.

Collarbone Tattoos: Things To Consider

There is no hiding that tattoos, including collarbone tattoos, are permanent artwork. You have the right to understand the pain level, select the right design, and be aware of the healing process to make the right decision.

Can Collarbone Tattoos Hurts?

Lots of Tattoo lovers already know that getting a new tattoo anywhere on the body will be painful if it is permanent. Tattooing the collarbone is one of the more challenging locations according to those who’ve had them done. The collarbone does not have too much fatty tissue, that’s why it is a very sensitive spot. It is also painful because the bone itself is right underneath the skin.

We got some information from some people who get collarbone tattoos. They tell us that when you get a collarbone tattoo it feels like it’s forming on your neck. Because of the needle vibrations. Getting your clavicle inked will make it much easier to get a tattoo afterwards since your clavicle will now be much less sensitive. Choosing the fleshier area below the bone will lessen the amount of pain you experience compared to covering the bone. However, either way, you should expect some pain.

Pain Management Tips

You don’t have to be afraid of pain! Here are some amazing practical tips for reducing pain during tattoo sessions. From numbing tattoo sprays or creams to mental awareness, discover ways to make the experience more comfortable. Do you want a painless tattoo? Then discuss with your tattoo artist and ask about using a numbing tattoo spray or numbing cream.

Pain Factor Of Collarbone Tattoos

Sound is quite horror and it may be difficult for you to get a tattoo on your collarbone, but the pain level is different for everyone. There are lots of pain factors that will be the reason for your discomfort, such as complex designs and pain tolerance. Learn more about it and the pain associated with collarbone tattoos and share personal experiences to give you a better understanding.

Collarbone Tattoos Aftercare

Once you get your collarbone tattoo, after that you need the proper care to keep your tattoo fresh and cool. If you do not care properly then it’s a bad experience for you, so maintaining your tattoo beauty and longevity must follow the proper aftercare instructions. Learn about cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting your tattoo from factors.

Hiding Your Collarbone Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos mean that you display your tattoo proudly. It looks very stylish and cool. But maybe on some occasions when you want to hide them. You can discover different kinds of options, from clothing choices to makeup techniques and temporary cover-ups.

Celebrities Collarbone Tattoos

A collarbone tattoo is one of the trendiest tattoos in the world, and celebrities are often responsible for setting it. Learn how celebrity choices influence tattoo trends and which celebrities wear collarbone tattoos. Some celebrities have collarbone tattoos, Selena Gomez’s, Rihanna’s, Kimberly Loaiza, Jesy Nelson’s, Woahhvicky etc.

Tattoo Placement Is Important

In collarbone tattoos, location is very important because if you do not have an exact location, then it breaks the design. So you must decide the exact location where you want your tattoo. Is it directly applied to the bone? What is under the bone, and what is above the bone? It’s going to be uncomfortable to write anywhere on the bone, but the result will be unique.

Ask yourself these questions as well:

  • Do you have a favourite type of shirt?
  • When the collar of your clothing covers your tattoo, it can detract from its appearance.
  • If you have a text tattoo on your collarbone, would you prefer one continuous statement or a longer paragraph? Also, the size and complexity of the tattoo influence the placement.

You must put your focus on the extension of the tattoo. Rather than just having the tattoo along the collarbone, you might want to size it up. For example, the ink would spread around the neckline or along the chest muscles. Eventually, say the last words about what kind of tattoo you want it to look like. So ensure that you analyze all the pros and cons and placement options to see how every tattoo would look to you.

Different Tattoo Designs and Styles Available

In an easy word, you could say it is a statement. Collarbone tattoos are signs of your emotions. The design of clavicle pieces is not the only thing that attracts attention; they are obvious as well. The result is the same as a chest piece that extends to or past the collarbones if you go with a delicate cursive script or a small picture.

On the other hand, the collarbones are a fantastic and unique spot. You have a great chance to get motivated statements or emotional symbols. Famous music notes, feathers, emoji signs, and flying birds are the perfect choices. If you need that type of tattoo that comes with words or signs, then a collarbone tattoo is the perfect choice. You need a professional artist to get this tattoo and explain your design very well and get results according to your preference.

Healing Requires Special Care

Wanting a tattoo on the clavicle will look the same as other tattoos. But it will be more painful compared to other body parts. Because the spot is sensitive, but its not mean that the healing duration will be longer. To stop infections after getting a tattoo, you should take precautionary measures.

How to Heal a Collarbone Tattoo

What You Need to Know About Clavicle Tattoos

Following your new collarbone tattoo, you should be aware of some aftercare considerations:

  1. During the healing process, in the first one or two weeks, avoid book bags, don’t lift heavy weights, and do not hang anything on the shoulder.
  2. Wrap your tattoo and apply some lotion before sleeping. The ink in new tattoos sticks to the bedding, so be careful.
  3. During the healing process, you will want to wear a strapless bra if you wear bras. Off-shoulder tops, halter tops, and shirtless outfits are your best bet.


Collarbone tattoos are about expressing yourself and celebrating individuality, leaving a piece of statement or sign. The effect of the collarbone tattoo is excellent, and the size is small, but the statement effect is huge. As you know, the collarbone has bone, so any tattoo done here will be more painful than those done elsewhere. You should think about the pain, choose a design you are comfortable with, and follow the proper aftercare instructions. You can paint your journey on your collarbone tattoo. To know more tattoo facts, follow Tattoorecover.com.

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