Do Color Tattoos Hurt More Than Black & White Tattoos

There is nothing more beautiful than a tattoo, but there is also pain associated with it. The process of inking will hurt no matter how well you prepare. It has become tolerable for some people to experience pain, while for others it is an enjoyable experience. Normally, the location of the tattoo and the tattoo size can affect the amount of tattoo pain. Are there any factors that can affect the colour of the ink as well? Is it more painful to get a color tattoo than a black or white one? If you are planning on getting a beautiful tattoo, here are some outstanding things that you must know.

Can Tattoos Be Painful?

There are a lot of factors that can play an important role and that are connected with tattoo pain, including ink color. Also, everyone has the right to their opinion and they give various reactions to the tattooing process. During the tattooing session, the pain you will experience is completely dependent on your patient level.

Don’t forget that the biggest organ in the body is the skin. The body of a human has two types of skin layers: one is the epidermis and the 2nd is the dermis. This dermis layer of skin consists of blood vessels, cells, glands, and senses. That’s why it is sensitive. The ink is also inserted into this layer for tattoos.  There are normally 3,000 penetrations per minute by the skin. There is no difference between coloured or black tattoo ink; it hurts.

Factors Influencing Tattoo Pain

1. Skin Sensitivity

Every human is different from others and different in their skin sensitivity, which can importantly impact how painful a tattoo feels. If you have more sensitive skin and sensitive spots for tattoos then you may experience more pain during the tattooing process.

2. Tattoo Placement

In determining the level of pain associated with a tattoo, where it is located on the body is important. Those body areas that come with less flesh or more nerve endings, including, collarbone, inner elbow, and ribs, tend to make tattoos more painful. These places are painful.

  • Elbows
  • Armpits
  • Chests and breasts
  • Inner knees and thighs
  • Ankles and shin bones
  • Feet and fingers
  • Head, neck, and face
  • Spine and ribcage

3. Tattoo Artist’s Technique

The experience, skill and technique of the artist also play an important factor in pain perception. If you work with a skilled artist then it uses a soft touch that can reduce the pain during the tattoo process.

4. Tattoo Colors

Some important factors affect pain, in addition to the tattoo’s color, but it can have a significant effect on it. In some cases, more passes of the needle may be necessary for certain colors, which may cause discomfort. Also, the black and white tattoo may be less painful than coloured tattoos.

Do Color Tattoos Hurt More Than Black & White Tattoos?

As I mentioned it a lot of time if you read my blogs, tattoo pain is different for every person, with color tattoos hurting more or less than black and white tattoos. It is an important question here. I talk with a lot of tattoo lovers and artists and they say that you will experience more pain with color tattoos than with black and white tattoos. Because they have mentioned some reasons like different inks, time taking and other things.

Perception vs. Reality

The human body depends on the perception of tattoos, and reacts according to this it is scientifically proven. That’s why I say that perception plays a key role in how we experience pain. When people consider getting a tattoo then they know the perception of colour tattoo pain, and that’s why anticipate more pain with colour tattoos simply because they believe they will be more painful. They don’t care if they get a colour tattoo before or not. Because the perception is built in the market.

Varying Pain Thresholds

Every person who considers getting a tattoo has a different threshold of pain. It helps you to determine how they perceive and bear the pain of the needle. I mention some factors that can influence a person’s pain threshold, including genetics, previous experiences, and overall health.

Psychological Factors

When the tattoo session begins, the perception can be affected by psychological factors including fear and anxiety. It is possible to improve these psychological obstacles by using positive things and relaxation techniques.

Do Black and White Tattoos Hurt?

The pain of grey ink tattoos is usually not much different from that of black ink tattoos or colour tattoos, but white ink tattoos hurt the most. It is very normal for the artist to repeat the process on the same section of the skin over and over again to saturate it. It can be painful to repeat the same procedure with the needle repeatedly piercing the same area.

Tips to Minimize Tattoo Pain

It depends on what you choose for your colour or black and white tattoo. There are various kinds of strategies you can apply to reduce pain during the tattoo process.

Choose a Reputable Artist

I must recommend you choose an experienced, reputable and skilled artist. Because it is quite important for your positive tattooing experience. Ensure that you choose an artist who prioritizes the comfort of their clients by researching artists in the area and reading reviews.

Opt for a Smaller Design

If you don’t want to bear the pain then I recommend you choose the smaller tattoo design. Because it takes less time and also minimizes overall tattoo pain. It is also not so complex and easily accomplished. If you are concerned about pain, consider starting with a smaller design.

Stay Hydrated and Rested

Before getting a tattoo you need proper hydration and rest. It can help your body better cope with the stress. Getting enough sleep and drinking a lot of water before your appointment are important.


Accordingly, it is nuanced and subjective to determine whether color tattoos are more painful than black and white tattoos. Some people perceive different levels of pain when it comes to tattoo colours. However, elements including skin sensitivity, placement of tattoos, and individual pain thresholds are more influential. In the final step, you need to pick a skilled tattoo artist, practice relaxation methods, and maintain open communication throughout the process. It is very important to get a positive tattoo experience. Follow Tattoorecover for more info.

FAQs For Color Tattoos

Do color tattoos fade faster than black and white tattoos?

Yes, colour tattoos fade faster as compared to black tattoos because sun exposure and other factors play an important role. For color tattoos you need a proper aftercare guide that can help you to preserve their vibrancy and shine.

Are there any numbing creams available to reduce tattoo pain?

Yes, some artists recommend you use numbing creams or sprays to help reduce the pain during the tattooing process. Your artist should be informed beforehand if you have any concerns or allergies.

How long does the pain last after getting a tattoo?

It takes a few hours to a few days for the pain after a tattoo to subside. On the other hand, the tattoo may continue to cause soreness and sensitivity for several days after it has been placed.

Can I take pain medication before getting a tattoo?

It’s normally not suggested to take pain medication before getting a tattoo. Because it thins the blood and increases bleeding. Any concerns you may have before getting your tattoo can be discussed with your tattoo artist.

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