Can I Use Vaseline On A New Tattoo: New Tattoo Aftercare

Ink on the skin isn’t all that tattoos are; they are a way of expressing yourself and showing your artistic talent. You will want to show off your new tattoo now that you have it. But before showing off your tattoo, you are required to heal your tattoo. The aftercare process can be complex for everyone, especially when you have lots of people who advise you on different things about aftercare. So be careful. You just need to follow the proper tattoo aftercare guidelines. Damaged and irritated skin can benefit from Vaseline. It is a good option, but you should rethink it. Vaseline is not a specialist skin healer, and it harms your skin.

Today, we answer the very common question, “Can I use Vaseline on a new tattoo?” Let’s discuss more about it and now the pros and cons of Vaseline in your tattoo.

What is Vaseline?

Before we know about Vaseline’s impact on tattoos. First, you need to understand what Vaseline is. The substance Vaseline is derived from petroleum, which is a semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons. Vaseline is known as petroleum jelly. Regular use of the vaseline makes it a famous option for different skincare and household uses.

Does Vaseline Work Well For Tattoos?

Learn why it’s important to keep away vaseline from fresh or new tattoos. You can say that petroleum jelly is vaseline because it is 100% used in vaseline. Lots of people use this for damaged, sensitive skin and to moisturize dry skin. It is a combination of waxes and mineral oil. With its advertising as “Wonder Jelly,” Vaseline became a household primary product for many years.

For new and fresh tattoos, vaseline is not a great option. In addition to blocking the tattoo’s breathing ability, petroleum jelly impedes its healing. When you apply Vaseline to your tattooed area, you will feel or experience redness or swelling around the tattoo. But it’s not happening all the time. If it’s happening, then you will need medication. Any infection can cause scarring, which can destroy your tattoo. Most tattoo artist experts will suggest you don’t use the vaseline on the new tattoo ink. Because it is not good for tattoo health. Be careful and thin again before using the vaseline.

Can I Use Vaseline On A New Tattoo?

Vaseline can help you to stop the damage to your skin. However, it cannot be used on a fresh tattoo due to its healing properties. It’s not for the skin to breathe. Due to its occlusive agents, Vaseline clogs the pores on the skin and stops it from breathing. A tattoo is an open wound that needs air to heal and form new layers, so clogged pores can delay wound healing, exacerbate acne, and lead to breakouts. To heal your wound quickly oxygen is very important. It’s not letting the air around near the skin that will make the tattoo aftercare process longer.

Vaseline Problem With New Ink

Vaseline can also damage tattoo ink and create problems for you. When you feel irritation on the skin, all that new ink has not dipped into the skin. Since the skin has not healed, a high risk of damage to the ink exists at this stage. During the starting days, the skin is very soft, and the fresh ink is still attempting to dip into the layers of the skin. As a consequence, Vaseline will communicate the ink. Occasionally, it can pull it from the dermis.

Follow Artist Recommendation

Because of this, lots of professional tattoo artists suggest keeping your hands and clothes away from new ink for the first 24 to 48 hours. Excess ink, blood, and plasma will ooze from the new tattoo. That’s why the artist will secure the skin by covering it. The healing process can begin without Vaseline once the plastic cover has been removed. Also, check these articles if you want more information about tattoos. Also, don’t swim before your tattoo heals.

Pros And Cons Of Vaseline On A New Tattoo

How Can You Replace Vaseline With Something Better?

First, you cannot use anything on your skin for one or two days with the new tattoo. Skin takes time to begin the healing process. Afterwards, it will be possible to consider alternatives to Vaseline products since the area will have the chance to recover from the tattooing process.

Recommended AfterCare Products

  1. LaRoche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5: This soothing balm is ideal for dry skin and minimizes itching as it goes on smoothly. LaRoche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 goes on smoothly. It also helps to quicken the healing process. After you wash and dry the skin, you must put on the cream two times a day. This choice is great for irritated, sensitive, itchy, dry skin.
  2. Bepanthen Diaper Care Ointment: One of the great options for tattoo aftercare is the Bepanthen Diaper Care ointment, which is associated with baby skincare. All professional Tattoo artists suggest this caring product for their skin clients. It’s an unharmful product that comes with a soft formula. It helps boost the natural healing properties of the skin. This ointment can be put twice daily to maintain a moisturizer and hydrator.
  3. Sebamed Extreme Dry Skin Repair Lotion: This is an extraordinary option. This dry skin repair lotion comes with a quality concentration of urea, which helps you heal the skin. To keep away skin tightness, itching, and scaling, this lotion also helps you. Lots of people like this lotion because of its water retention feature. Soft lotion is handy during tattoo healing to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. This lotion also helps reduce itching instantly, dryness, and flaking.

Don’t Use Vaseline And Opt For Lighter Products

After reading all of this, you can easily tell everyone that Vaseline is not a great option for new tattoos. Even if anyone tells you it’s good, don’t trust it because Vaseline will stop the healing process and destroy your new pretty tattoo ink. After investing money and time in a new tattoo, that is the last thing you want. Even though Vaseline is an old trick, it doesn’t necessarily make it the best method to heal your skin. Put your concentration on petroleum-free products. Because it’s really helpful for you and makes your healing process faster. Your skin will heal more quickly with that.


Personal preference and understanding of the possible risks are the determining factors for Vaseline for new tattoos. Various options offer similar advantages without the drawbacks, even though they provide moisture and protection. The best results can be achieved by following the guidance of your tattoo artist and ensuring that the tattoo is as clean as possible. You can find the right style to match your tastes, whether you’ve had tattoos before or are looking to get one for the first time. Follow the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply Vaseline instantly after getting a tattoo?

It’s normally suggested to wait until the tattoo starts to dry out before applying any ointments, including Vaseline.

How long should I use Vaseline on my new tattoo?

Use Vaseline sparingly during the starting stages of healing, usually for the first few days. Transition to a specialized tattoo ointment as the tattoo heals.

Are there any specific types of Vaseline recommended for tattoos?

While no petroleum jelly works, choosing a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic option is advisable for tattoo aftercare.

Can I mix Vaseline with other tattoo ointments?

It’s normally not recommended to mix products. Stick to one aftercare solution to avoid possible complications.

What should I do if my tattoo gets irritated after using Vaseline?

Discontinue use and consult your tattoo artist. They can recommend alternative products or steps to relieve irritation.

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