How to Remove Fake Tattoos? 6 Best Ways An Essential Guide

If you want a tattoo on your body or anywhere but don’t want a permanent tattoo, then you can choose a removable temporary tattoo for yourself. But there is a fascinating fact that you must know about temporary tattoos: it cannot be as easy to remove them from the skin as you think since it is a difficult job. Temporary tattoos are known for their short periods. So you are here to know how to remove fake tattoos and other interesting facts about tattoos. thoroughly guides you and provides you with helpful tips on how to safely remove fake tattoos.

Why Remove Fake Tattoos?

Before we learn the removal methods for fake tattoos, it is very important to understand why you want to remove them quickly. There are a few primary reasons we are here to mention, such as changing tastes, events, new relations, or the want to try new tattoo designs are some common reasons. Temporary tattoos are the perfect way to visualize how your body looks with tattoos.

Why are Temporary Tattoos Hard to Remove?

If you are a beginner and do not know how to remove fake tattoos, it is difficult and painful for you. For the first time when attempting to remove it, especially after applying, it may pull out body hairs with it. Fake tattoos are not simply removed with water and soap. Because fake tattoos don’t last more than a day if they are removed with water or soap, fake tattoos are not beneficial. When it’s time to remove temporary tattoos, it makes your job difficult. Temporary tattoos are often removed by scratching and picking at them, irritating and sometimes even causing skin damage.

Methods for Quick Removal

Many methods are available to remove fake tattoos, but we are sharing a safe and quick removal method that is working and helpful for you. Every method has its effectiveness. Our main purpose is to find the best method suitable for your skin and preferences. The permanent tattoo also fades, but it stays for a long time. There are some methods to remove fake tattoos.

  1. Using Baby Oil
  2. Using Cold Cream
  3. Nail Polish Remover
  4. Peeling With Tape
  5. Rubbing Alcohol
  6. Use Hand Sanitizer

1. Using Baby Oil

Removing fake tattoos with baby oil is a safe and famous option for you quickly. As well as being gentle on your skin, baby oil is also known for its ability to break down tattoos effectively. If you have sensitive skin, this is a good and safe choice. When you put baby oil on your tattoo area skin, then rub the oil when it absorbs it, then you can start softly wiping it in a circular motion until it is all gone. You use cotton pads and oil like a baby or coconut oil to remove it easily and painlessly.

2. Using Cold Cream To Remove Fake Tattoos

Cold cream is a famous and creative formulation that combines oil and water for a different formulation. When you use cold cream, your skin is not covered in oil, so it is easier to use than oil. Let the cold cream sit for an hour after applying large amounts to temporary tattoos. You must ensure that the tattoo part is completely covered for total removal once your time is over. It’s normal for your skin to absorb it — it’s supposed to. After an hour, rinse the former temporary tattoo under running water or wipe away the excess with a wet washcloth.

3. Nail Polish Remover

Mostly, nail polish remover is used to remove the nail paint. However, we are here to tell you that you can use this nail polish to remove your temporary tattoo. Nail paint remover applied to the tattoo design location. Before applying this, you should clean your skin properly. Use this nail polish remover on sensitive skin very carefully.

4. Peeling With Tape

  1. The tape is ripped off of the roll in several pieces. Scotch tape works far better than other painters’ or masking tape. So my suggestion to you is to use the Scotch tape. In the first step, you can individually break the tape into pieces and hand them on the counter or side of the table.
  2. The fake tattoo should be taped down with a piece of tape. Connect it to a fake tattoo by pressing strongly down on it. With the help of your finger, you can rub the tap down on your skin.
  3. Peel Off: When your tape is connected to your temporary tattoo skin, you can peel it off on your skin. Your tattoo must come with tape. If your tattoo is big, this process may take a long time. You can try a few times if it’s not removed once. I’m sure it worked for you.
  4. Rub The Ice Cube: When removing your tattoo, you must rub an ice cube on that spot. You can do the same thing when your fake tattoos are removed. This will minimize the redness that will happen with the peeling tape.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

You can use rubbing alcohol for stubborn tattoos, which can be very effective. You must ensure you use it in a limited way to stop skin irritation. It is very similar to baby oil and works like that. As a result, the ink and adhesives will be broken down. Use it to soak your tattoo in, then wipe it off after it has broken down the chemicals.

6. Use Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is another secure and painless method to remove your temporary tattoo. You can quickly remove fake tattoos easily. Allow it to soak for a few minutes, then clean the area. That sanitiser chemical breaks down the tattoo ink.

Side-Effects of Removing Fake Tattoos

You may feel a few minor side effects when your tattoo is removed. Different types of skin irritation exist, from minor irritations to red, inflamed skin.

You can do it very carefully. You will feel irritated and inflamed if you rub your skin hard. If you feel all these things, run it under cold water, take a washcloth, and apply it to that part. A cold compress should reduce redness and pain.

If you still feel redness and pain, try rubbing cucumbers, ice cubes, and aloe vera gel on the affected part. Please consult your doctor or dermatologist if the gel does not help within a few hours. You must check these articles.

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Can Baby Oil Remove Fake Tattoos?

Yes, you are right. Olive and baby oil are great solutions for removing fake tattoos without harming or damaging the skin. You can use olive or coconut oil if you do not have baby oil. That works for you. Any liquid oil works properly, but you must be sure it does not come with harmful chemicals.

Is Vaseline Effective On Fake Tattoos?

Although Vaseline helps add shine and moisture to fake tattoos, it is important to remember that fake tattoos normally attach to the skin differently than permanent tattoos. Vaseline is not recommended for temporary tattoos, since they often take the place of extra products by being applied directly to the skin. I recommend you use the method mentioned above to remove the fake tattoos to get the best results.


Choosing the right method and products is key to successfully removing fake tattoos. We mention safe and working fake tattoo removal methods. Your skin’s health is essential, so take care of it while free to change your temporary ink whenever you want. The methods are well-researched, and the work is completely safe for you, but you must apply them carefully. For more exciting things, you must follow the website.